5 Easy Ways I’m Making My Home Cozier in October

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**This post is sponsored by Walmart. I just love finding cozy home items there!***

I’m leaning into Fall this year and embracing the colder weather and less sunshine by creating a cozier home.
There’s just not quite anything like coming home to the earlier evening darkness, and curling up with a soft blanket, a warm cup of cocoa and your latest read. 
Am I right?

I have 5 simple ideas that will help to make your home a bit more cozy in the coming months.
And Walmart is your one stop shop for all things home and cozy!
I had all these items shipped right to my door in a short time and I’m so pleased with the quality.  

1. Purchase a few “fresh”, cozy blankets.

Nothing says “cozy” like a soft blanket; however, blankets can sometimes wear out. When is the last time you’ve replaced old blankets with new, fluffy, warm options? 
I found these blankets at Walmart and instantly fell in love.
They remind me of similar higher priced blankets but are so affordable! 

They’re insanely soft and come in a variety of colors. One of them is bound to fit into your existing color scheme!
Did I also mention these make fantastic gifts?

2. Toss on some richly colored throw pillows

Walmart has some incredible throw pillows. I went with a deep navy and rich terracotta color to add a little depth and color for the fall months. 
The textures and designs elevated the room and the colors grounded the high ceilings.
Plus, it added comfort and style to the area I felt like was missing.

Not to mention, the quality was incredible! I can’t believe the prices!
You’re really getting your money’s worth and then some. 

3. Set out the electric kettle for hot cocoa and hot herbal tea.

This is just a fun little touch that I love. When the weather starts turning chilly, I display this gorgeous electric kettle. I think it adds a fun, yet functional decor element. 
We’re constantly using this thing. We drink a lot of hot cocoa!
I love the electronic display that makes it easy for anyone to use! 
So much easier than boiling water on the stove. 
This kettle comes in several different color options, and did you notice the gold details? 
So on trend!

4. Light some new “Fall” scented candles

Nothing makes me happier than a new candle!
I always stock up on a few candles at Walmart as the new season scents are released.
I’ve purchased from this line of Better Homes and Gardens candles many times, and am in love with this “crisp Fall leaves” scent!
It’s a bit of apple, a touch of cinnamon, and other yummy Fall flavors all in one.
Plus, the bottle is gorgeous. It catches the light and adds a great ambience to those evening hours.

They also brought back a bestseller from last year! 
These candles come already “packaged” and ready to be gifted. I love the tin and the twine and the little bit of pine. It makes a beautiful package!
Plus, yes, the scents are divine!

5. Make a LOT of soups

Nothing says “warm me up” like a pot of bubbling soup! We eat soup frequently in our home, and this new dutch oven pot I acquired is one of my faves.
It comes in 5 colors, and though I usually opt for white, I was drawn to the moodiness of the black/gold combo again.

It cooks dishes beautifully and is so pretty, you can leave it out all the time!

Are these things getting you in the ‘cozy’ Fall mode? 
You can’t go wrong doing these 5 simple things!
They really do set a wonderful tone in your home!

Now bring on the cold! We’re ready for ya!

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