Christmas Decorating Made Easy: Simple Ways to Deck the Halls

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Christmas is my game.
I mean, “Deck the Halls” could possibly be my motto and Christmas decorating is my love language.
That being said, I know not everyone shares my obsession with making their home a Hallmark movie, and maybe some like to keep it simple. 
Or maybe, you’re new to decorating for the holidays and just want to start small.
No matter where you are on the scale, Kohl’s has everything you need to deck those halls. 

I love shopping at Kohl’s for everything else, so home decor is no different. I find their holiday decor to be unique and such great quality. Plus, most of it ships quick and they always have awesome coupons and sales going on!
I wanted to share a few simple, ideas of how to bring some Christmas decor into your home without going TOO overboard and without breaking the bank! I found the best treasures at Kohl’s!

So come in and let me show you some of my Christmas favorites!

1. This Christmas wood platter/tray


There is just so much you can do with this beautiful tray! It’s wooden and painted a gorgeous red with white lettering reminding you,  “Tis the season.”

It’s perfect for simply setting out on an end table to hold a few things like the remote and a candle. You can also use it to serve all those Christmas goodies.
I thought it would be fun to gift to someone! Fill it with some homemade goodies and let them keep the decor.

2. A festive floral 

I always used to think of holiday florals as being like my great grandmas old, faux poinsettias that sat out year-round and simply collected dust. These aren’t your grandma’s fake plants!

How gorgeous is this arrangement? Such a fantastic pop of color and texture. Grab it for a shelf or a coffee table. It’s a simple holiday addition that really elevates a room!
Look at that pinecone and berry detail! The detail is fantastic!

3. This Christmas Sleigh

Speaking of floral arrangements, here’s another one I thought was SO unique and easy to implement into you existing (or lack thereof!) decor.

The floral “box” is actually a sled! I think it’s so perfect! You can actually leave this up ALL winter long if you so choose.
Here it is on a large wall shelf.

I love how it lights up with just a little twinkle. At night, it lets off just the perfect amount of glow.
Just love this option!

4. Replace the old dish towels

It doesn’t matter WHAT season it is, more often than not, it’s time to replace the dish towels.
An easy way to bring a little holiday spice into your home is to get some FESTIVE towels!

This coordinating plaid and solid red look SO fantastic together! 
Now if I can JUST get the kids not to wipe their dirty hands all over them…

5. Bring the festivity OUTSIDE

 Probably my most favorite place to decorate is the PORCH!
It’s the first thing people see when they come to your home and I find it sets the mood for the rest of your home!
I found a couple perfect additions to your entry!
This Christmas sign really makes a statement. It’s incredibly eye catching!

It’s pretty big and I love the holly! It looks hand painted.

And of course, a new door mat is a seasonal purchase!
I love this one because of the simplicity of the trees.
Now, no mud on this baby – it’s too pretty!

Don’t you love these finds? 
Kohl’s has so many great holiday options for your home!

Right now you can get an extra 15% off sitewide.
You just need to use code SAVE15 at checkout! 

Happy holiday decor shopping!




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