Episode #158: Spells and Magical Objects


In honor of the spooky season, we are talking about fictional spells. And if we were going to make our own Horcruxes, what they would be.

Plus, we’re sharing what sparks joy for us.

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Show Notes:

If you only had one spell to cast, what would it be?

Elsie – Remodel a house in an entire day

Emma –  Bring her dog, Lovers, back.

What would a Ouija board say to you and who would be talking?

Elsie – Doesn’t have one but did get a message through her grandmother, Corina, who said that she is always with her.

Emma – Her grandmother, Corina.

What Horcruxes would you make?

Elsie – an old photograph, a brass bat vintage doorknocker, an old copy of Rosemary’s Baby, an antique tea set, a tree, a vintage lamp, and a haunted doll.

Emma – a claw clip, her first house that she bought, an old oil painting of her great-grandfather, her pineapple tattoo, Oscar’s stroller, childhood rocking horse, and a pearl bracelet.

Here is a picture of Emma’s oil painting of her great-grandfather:

Sparks Joy:

Elsie – Japanese hair smoothing product

Emma – Glossier kit

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Episode 158 Transcript:

Emma: You’re listening to the A Beautiful Mess Podcast. In honor of the spooky season, we thought we’d continue our loose Halloween theme and talk about fictional spells and if we’re going to make her own Horcruxes what they would be.  So if you hate witches and Harry Potter, you are not going to get this episode. 

Elsie: Okay, but I don’t think any of our listeners hate witches or Harry Potter…I hope. 

Emma: No plus we’ve been promising a Harry Potter episode, which this is not technically that, we may still do another one, who knows, but also, maybe we’ll count it because there’s a lot about Horcruxes in this one. So there you go.

Elsie: I love that. I think it’s so fun. When I was doing this outline, I was like, I do think this is the most creative podcast topic that we’ve had in a long time. So I hope you enjoy it. It definitely brought me joy just to sit down and think about my spells. My imaginary spells haha.  

Emma: Yes, yes.  I was shamelessly trying to get ideas from my book club. We have a Slack, a friend Slack.  I was like, guys I need some ideas for a podcast.   Our friends, Mara and Ana, really came through, so these ideas are from them.   Also, my friend Amber sent us some great ideas, but they were kind of sad so I’m gonna save them for winter. But don’t worry, Amber they’re coming.

Elsie: They were kind of sad? 

Emma: Yeah, they’re good for winter.  We’ll say that.

Elsie: Okay. For our seasonal depression episode?

Emma: Yeah. You know how it’d be? Pretty much.

Elsie: Okay. Well, I thought this was so much fun. Okay, so should we jump in?

Emma: Yeah, let’s jump in. Okay,

Elsie: So our first topic of conversation is, if you could cast a spell, any spell, but it would only be one spell that works one time, what would you choose? 

Emma: I feel like it has to have rules around it. It can’t be like you get 50 spells or this is kind of like you rub the genie and you get three wishes but this is just ONE spell. So yeah

Elsie: It’s kind of a wish too though. 

Emma: It’s kind of a wish. Yeah, but spooky wish, I guess. So what I came up with, and I don’t know if this is adorable or dark, so you tell me.  I was like, I think that I might bring my dog, Lovers, back from the dead. 

Elsie: It’s really sad. That’s what it is. It’s brutally honest and sad and very sweet. And it does sound like a recipe for a zombie movie.

Emma: Yes, I’ve never read a book or seen a movie where someone brings someone back from the dead and it goes well, and it’s like, happily ever after.  I feel like this is a terrible idea. But it’s just what came to my mind when I was like, one spell Emma, one time. What would you do? And I was like, I’d bring Lovers back from the dead.

Elsie: You’ll have to try it. 

Emma: Yeah. 

Elsie: Ohhhhhh.

Emma: So that was my random spell that I would cast.  What would you cast?

Elsie: Oh, I have a good one for you. I would remodel an entire house in one day with a full remodel. Okay, so I’m talking, a house that needs to be, not the house I’m living in now, a house that needs everything. Say a dilapidated mansion. Like the really cheap, cheap, old houses that are, you know, they’re really big, but then it’s like the reason why it’s not selling is because no one has the money to fix it. 

Emma: Cuz it’s a money pit. Yeah. 

Elsie: Yes. We don’t use the word Money Pit though. But yeah, so I would do a one day Cinderella, pumpkin style house remodel. I just loved sitting there thinking about it.  All the light fixtures changing, all of the walls repairing, the wood floors being perfect and shiny. And obviously, since it’s one wish, I’m gonna go big. So I would add a pool and landscaping and spare no expense.  It’s going to be glorious.

Emma: Okay, in your world. So you’re basically doing what you already do. But you’re speeding up the timeline with your magic right?

Elsie: Because it’s not just saving money. It’s also saving all those months of stress and sadness, and waiting around for the contractor or appointment when they don’t show up.  It’s not just about the money, it does save a lot of money, but it also gives you this great gift where you just get to live in your house that you designed. 

Emma: You know too, I would totally take a consultation from a witch who was a fortune teller, but all they do is tell you how long your renovations really gonna take.  I would totally pay, so I’d be like, Alright, get the crystal ball out, let me know, here’s what we’re doing. How long is it really gonna take?  That would be such a nice skill too. 

Elsie: That’s hilarious.

Emma: Okay, but my question was in this renovation spell, so okay, there’s this old episode of Sabrina the Teenage Witch, TGIF Style, that old one where when she makes new clothes, it’s like other clothes disappear.  There’s a hole in her quilt because she made herself a new shirt. So do you think that your renovation takes things from the real world like materials? Or is it like, it just magically makes all the tile and everything appear? 

Elsie: If it’s an option, I would say magically appear. 

Emma: It’s an option.  This is fictional. 

Elsie: Yeah, I don’t want to just steal things from a warehouse or anything, I’d rather it just magically appear.

Emma: Well, I don’t know if it’s stealing if it’s magic, but sort of, I suppose once you know, I guess maybe it is, but 

Elsie: The showroom is empty…


All right. Well, I’ll bring my zombie dog over to your newly renovated house.

Elsie: Okay. I think that sounds like the perfect play date. I love it.  It was so fun to think about and I’m so sad that there’s no way for that to ever be real. There’s no way to ever really have a renovation without the painful unending part of it. 

Emma: Us poor muggles man…

Elsie: Yeah, true. Okay, what’s the next one? 

Emma: The next one is, what would an Ouija board say to you? And who would be talking? 

Elsie: Ohhhhhh…..

Emma: Okay, so I did have a dumb question before we answer this. I do really want to hear your answer.  I was trying to Google it because I guess, I’ll just say this is kind of a dumb question. 

Elsie: Okay. 

Emma: You’d think I would know. So an Ouija bored, it’s spirits from who’s crossed over, right? 

Elsie: a-huh.  

Emma: So people who are dead or just generally spirits who could talk through an Ouija board, supposedly, we all know that this is, maybe you believe, maybe you don’t situation. But then are they supposed to be giving you advice? Or can they just tell you anything? 

Elsie: My impression of it, I don’t have an Ouija board experience personally.  My impression of it is that you could have any kind of communication. 

Emma: Okay, that’s kind of what I was thinking too because I feel like, you know, I’ve seen the boards before. I feel like we maybe did it at, not even middle school, we were probably 11 or something and I feel like it just had a Yes and No.  

Elsie: Yeah it’s like a children’s game, a vintage children’s game.

Emma: With an alphabet so it would take a while to really have a long chat, but you could do it, you know, so.

Elsie: It would take awhile.  

Emma: Anyway okay, so I think the person in my life who would most likely use the Quija board and talk to me from the other side would be our grandmother, Corina, who just passed away this past year.  She just sort of believed in, I don’t really know her beliefs on the afterlife, but I think she kind of believed in ghosts, and generally was open to stuff like that.  So I feel like if she was on the other side, and she was like, Oh, my granddaughters are trying to talk me through the Ouija board, I’ll do it.  I feel like she would totally pick up that phone and answer, you know.

Elsie: Yeah. So I have kind of like a sweet story about her. I lived with her in college when my grandfather passed away. So it was when she had just lost her husband.  She believed that he was speaking to her through the microwave and it was like, all the time. It actually scared me at that age. 

Emma: You thought it was demonic.

Elsie: Yeah, I wouldn’t be scared of that now but at that age I was. But anyway, now I look back and I just think it was so sweet. Because she always told me that he was saying Corina.  Just just that. And I just love it.  It’s so sweet. 

Emma: The microwave, huh? 

Elsie: Through the microwave beeping randomly. Anyway, okay. So I actually don’t have a Quija board, fantasy.  I do have a story about something that just happened to me where I felt like someone was speaking to me that I wanted to share for this episode. So I thought this would be a good time to share it. 

Emma: Yeah. 

Elsie: So yeah.  I haven’t told Emma this story yet. It happened recently, a few weeks ago, when I went on a trip to France, with sort of like an art retreat.  It was with a group of women and my sister wasn’t there.  I couldn’t wait to come home and tell the story. So it’s really weird, though. So just suspend everything.  This is a true story that really happened and it was to me, really amazing.  We had a retreat with pre-planned experiences where it was like a painting class and then the next day was a drawing class on a boat and things like that. So one of the things that we did was a dance class.  It was actually a really, really athletically challenging aerobics class, was what I would call it. It was very challenging, because I haven’t really been working out a lot lately, and I barely made it through and I could tell I wasn’t the only one, and it was two hours long.  Which is long for a group class. So anyway, the teacher, when we first walked into the room, I noticed that she was an older woman, probably in her 60s.  I didn’t notice anything about her appearance, except for this, she had curly red hair, and that she looked fun. She gave me a good impression of  being fun.  Then throughout the class, I started to note as we were wearing out and I was like, am I having a, it was a really strange experience but you know, getting really physically exhausted, I felt like maybe it was opening me spiritually somehow.  I started to notice that her face was the exact face of our grandma, Corina, because you know, she has a very specific looking face, her exact nose, her exact mouth, like everything was her exact face.  I was like, this is just so unusual. That’s all I was thinking. It’s so unusual that I would see someone who looked like my grandma because it’s just never happened before in my whole life.  She’s a very uncommon looking face. 

Emma: Yeah. 

Elsie: And so then I was just tired and we were ending the class.  She was doing a little bit of the yoga wind down, you know, and sometimes they give you a little bit of a pep talk, which is nice at the end of a class.  Then she had us kind of come into a group huddle.  Then she started saying, repeatedly, I just want you to remember that I’m always with you. And I just want you to remember that I’m always with you. And I just want you to remember that I’m always going to be with you.  I just started bawling because it was so surprising, I guess because I have never had any type of ghosts or spiritual experience like that, really. And this one, it was just not what I expected at all.  Then we left the class and I told my friend and she was like, that’s really special. And that was just all, that was all it was.  So yeah, that was what happened.  It was just a big, unexpected, very nice blessing.

Emma: So she didn’t need an Quija board. She chose a dance class in France. 

Elsie: Right. 

Emma: That’s very Corina. 

Elsie: Yeah and her father was from France, right?

Emma: Her mother.

Elsie: Her mother. Okay. 

Emma: Yes. The Viage.

Elsie: Anyway, it was a trip. 

Emma: Did it feel like our grandmother? 

Elsie: Yeah, kind of. 

Emma: Cuz that is a strange thing for someone to say at the end of an aerobics class. 

Elsie: Yeah. 

Emma: It doesn’t totally make sense.

Elsie: It doesn’t make sense. Right? 

Emma: Yeah.

Elsie: We were only supposed to meet the one time. It didn’t really make sense why.  I just felt like it was a message.

Emma: Yeah, no, that’s yeah very strange and interesting.  Hmm.  Yeah, I don’t know what to think about that really.

Elsie: Me neither. I like it because it just like was, and then when I came home and told Jeremy, he said that he’s heard other stories like that, where it was someone who was experiencing seeing the exact face of their loved one. And like, you just know when it’s exactly, you know what I mean? Like, it’s not a confusable thing. And so yeah, it was probably like a one time thing, but I thought it was really special. I’m glad it happened.  I’m glad it was simple. That’s why when people say bad things about ghosts, you just don’t hear very many ghost stories that aren’t wonderful. They’re mostly so nice.

Emma: Yeah, I feel like most of the ones that I hear where people are telling it and they really believe them. It’s more like something happened to help them with their grief or to remind them of the special person that they’ve lost or, you know, things of that nature. Which is probably why you shouldn’t bring people back from the dead, but I think it’s okay to bring dogs back. Right?  So no, just kidding.

Elsie: It’s not.  I don’t know if you’ve watched Frankenweenie but it’s really not okay to bring a dog back from the dead.

Emma: I have seen Frankenweenie. Yeah, things go awry. It’s true. Look, I know it’s a bad idea. I just, you know, sometimes love makes you do stupid things.  I don’t know.  Alright, moving on from our grandma. I liked the idea too, that she’s maybe in France and living a life. You know?

Elsie: She’s anywhere.

Emma: Anyway, that’s very sweet. Moving on. Next thing we were going to talk about was creating our own Horcruxes.

Elsie: Explain what a Horcrux is.

Emma: Yeah, this is from Harry Potter.  If you don’t know, I don’t even feel like this is going to really do it justice.  Essentially, Voldemort, the bad guy, he who must not be named, splits his soul six to seven times.  It’s seven, but one of them was a secret to him, so that he could be immortal. So even if he’s killed in his body, these six to seven Horcruxes live on.  He could potentially reanimate, or come back from the dead through these little pieces of his soul that he’s hidden in objects.  Each of the objects that they uncover, that’s a Horcrux, is in some ways special to him. Also, by the way, in Harry Potter, he has to kill someone every time he creates a Horcrux. So we’re going to take that part out for our fictional thing here.  I was basically picking seven objects or things, you’ll see that to me, say something about me, or something about my past, or something about my family. They’re just places where if I had to hide my soul somewhere, a little piece of my soul, where would I put it, and so these are what I came up with.

Elsie: I went in a different direction than you, I just picked spooky, fun things.  So yours can be the meaningful one and mine can be the guilty pleasure one or something else.

Emma: I mean, I think some of mine are kind of up that alley, too, though. 

Elsie: Okay, you go first. 

Emma: Yeah, we’ll go back and forth. That’s more fun.   Mine are not in order by the way of importance or anything, I was just jotting them down. So the first one was, I thought I would put a little piece of my soul into my favorite claw clip, which is a hair accessory. Okay, this is probably my dumbest one, by the way. 

Elsie: Ok, go on, go, it’s hilarious. 

Emma: But my favorite claw clip is a black and white checkered one.  So I just feel like that would be a good object for a Horcrux.  You could easily get lost, it could have another life with a new person after I was gone, but it’s still around.  If my soul is in there, then whoever’s head I’m on, I’m potentially getting to see the world still. You know, I don’t know. It could be cool. So there you go. 

Elsie: Interesting. So you think you can see out of these objects? 

Emma: Maybe a little piece of your souls in there. So I don’t know, maybe I think of it as like, maybe you’re haunting the object a little bit. Sorry, if you could hear my dog. He’s wild.

Elsie: Great. So for my first one, I am going to choose an old photograph.  Since I don’t like assigning meaning to things, I am going to choose the most haunted looking photograph from our grandparents.  I feel like it needs to be an old photograph. 

Emma: That makes sense. 

Elsie: So I’m just gonna go into the box of photographs and whichever one looks the most haunted. That’s the one I’m haunting.

Emma: Okay, I like it. Yeah, I’m thinking of some, there’s one of our grandparents when they got married, and it’s kind of like a silhouette. That one’s a little spooky.  Maybe something like that.  I liked that. I think a photograph is an excellent Horcrux, although easy to destroy, which, you know… but that’s ok.

Elsie: And if it was a movie, which it could be at any time, we never know

Emma: You never know…

Elsie: When our podcast is gonna get turned into a movie. So if it were a movie, then your eyes could move a little bit on the photograph, which would look really cool.

Emma: Yeah, or it talks to you?  Like Tom Reynolds diary, and it makes you do bad sh$t. You know, that’s how that movie goes. All right, my second one is a much larger object. I decided for a Horcrux I wanted to do my first house that I ever bought, 

Elsie: Oh, a whole house. 

Emma: Yeah, the whole house.  I still own this house by the way. It has wooden siding and it’s located on the east side of Springfield. It’s the first house that Trey and I lived in, we were married.  I bought it before we got married and I bought it on my own. I’ve talked about it on the podcast before if you’re a longtime listener.n  It’s just kind of special to me, as a part of, I guess in a way, I viewed that as when I became a full fledged adult.  When I bought this house, not that by the way you have to own a house to be an adult. This is just in my mind, what was the beginning of this new era of my life, of being more of an adult and living, in this current state. So anyway, I thought that would be an interesting one to put a little piece of my soul in and I liked the idea of it being in a house.  It’s a much more permanent spot than a claw clip, but it’s also kind of special to me, and I think kind of in some roundabout way kind of represents me. I also, by the way, random note, it’s a rental house now and every once in awhile, I drive by it because I’m sentimental and the people that live there now, I don’t know them personally but they decorated a lot for Halloween and love it! Yeah, it’s awesome.

Elsie: Yeah, that is encouraging to see, I’m sure.

Emma: I know. They really did it. I loved it. So anyway. Alright, what’s your second one?

Elsie: Okay, so one thing about me is, I like to shop on eBay a lot. So basically, every week, I’m on eBay shopping for something. And whatever I’m shopping for, I like to get really into it where I’ve seen it all. And when it comes to vintage door knockers, I have seen it all. I know them like they’re my little family of friends. So my favorite brass vintage door knocker is the bat, and I want to live in the bat, one sixth of me, and I also think that I might do, someday on my next house, do a bat, or maybe I could put on the pink house. But I do want to put that bat on a house someday. It just has to happen because I’ve been thinking about it for so long. I used to have a tradition where every house was a different door knocker and it was like the pineapple and I think one was a wreath.

Emma: You did an owl on my Harry Potter house in Florida. 

Elsie: Oh, an owl. Yeah, they’ve all had one every single time. I just love shopping for the brass antique door knockers. So anyway, yeah, that door knocker.

Emma: I love it.  I like that you picked a bat too. That’s really spooky.

Elsie: It’s spooky and it’s also cute. It’s both.

Emma: I love it. Okay, so this next one is maybe my spookiest object. It’s not really spooky, though.  I have this oil painting. It’s a portrait of our great-grandfather, Corina’s father. 

Elsie: Yeah. 

Emma: I’ll put a photo of it in the show notes. But you’ve probably seen it before. In my last house it was above my green mantel fireplace.

Elsie: It’s gorgous.

Emma: I think it would make a great Horcrux.  It’s a family heirloom, it’s my great-grandfather.  So for that reason, but then also, it has this really interesting family story. So I’m just gonna tell it really quick. So this is the story our grandmother told us.  She said that our great-grandfather, he was a therapist, social worker. I don’t exactly know what his title was in Venezuela but he had patients or clients who would come in and talk to him.  There was one client who was a painter, and just needed to be doing something while they were talking, while they were having their session. So this person painted this portrait, and that’s where the portrait came from.  Nobody knows the identity of the artist because it was a client.  So it was not appropriate for our great-grandfather to reveal their identity because he or she, I don’t know if it was a man or a woman, but they were getting these services with him. So we don’t know who the artists was, our grandmother, Corina, she was a very romantic soul. She always liked to think, what if it was a famous artist? But you know, who knows? 

Elsie: Yeah, that’s especially something she would say.

Emma: But it is a beautiful painting.  I was like, I don’t know grandma, maybe, but you know, you’d have to prove that they were in Venezuela at the time. 

Elsie: It is a really good paint, 

Emma: It is a good painting. Yeah. So anyway, it has a fun story behind it. And yeah, it’s just kind of a family heirloom.  I know exactly where I’m going to put it in my next house when I decorate.  I’m excited to get it out of its box at some point. 

Elsie: What room are you gonna put it in? 

Emma: The dining room.  I painted it chocolate brown, because I feel like it will just go with this portrait.  I kind of painted it for this portrait so I hope it looks good. But anyway, so that’s where I’m going to hang this Horcrux when I get it back out.

Elsie: That sounds beautiful. Okay, so I want to choose a book.  I put a lot of thought into which book.   So my dining room library is pretty much, the whole thing is pretty much spooky books and there’s a few shelves of art books. So other than the art books, it’s all spooky. And I love it.  One of my themes of my life that I embrace, is that I want everything, I just kind of want a little bit of a haunted house year round to live in. 

Emma: Obviously. 

Elsie: Yes. So I decided to go into an old copy of Rosemary’s Baby because it’s a pretty good book.  I would say it’s a medium good book, but you know, the movie, it’s a great movie. It’s a little bit like The Screenplay.  It’s exactly the same as the movie. So anyway, I thought that would be a good home for me because I will feel very familiar in there. 

Emma: I like it. Yeah.  Good pick. Yeah.

Elsie: What’s your next one?

Emma: Okay, so this one is sort of weird, but I guess I was thinking in Harry Potter, his snake, I don’t remember how you say her name, Nagini or something, she’s a Horcrux.  So it can be, you know, not just objects, I guess. Anyway, so I thought what about making my pineapple tattoo a Horcrux?  I have three tattoos and that one is a sibling tattoo with my brother.  I got it the same year that our bar, Golden Girl Rum Club opened and I was turning 30, and it was a gift from my brother.  I don’t know, it just kind of has a bunch of layers of meaning to it, I suppose but to be honest, most of it is about my brother.  I just thought that could be kind of fun and interesting, but I don’t know how you would destroy this Horcrux in the movie without cutting off my arm or something, but I just think it would be neat.

Elsie: Yeah maybe it could be in a photo or it kind of depends on you still being living, too. 

Emma: I know it’s kind of a stupid thing to make into a Horcrux. Because if you die, it’s like, Well, does that mean your tattoo…

Elsie: It’s a little too dependent.  

Emma: I know. But I just, I don’t know, I just was kind of into the idea once I thought of it. 

Elsie: And it is, it’s pure fiction, so… 

Emma: Yeah, it sure is. 

Elsie: So, stamp of approval. 

Emma: I love it. 

Elsie: Okay, my next one is just purely for the drama. I thought an antique Tea set would be nice, because why not? And I have this specific tea cup that has sort of like a creepy little poem around the limit, you know, so I thought maybe it could be like the words change a little bit on the inside of the cup or something like that. Something you really want everything to come to life. That’s a flair for the dramatic. So yes. I love it. Do you know what the poem says? It says something about tea leaves. No, I don’t have.

Emma: I was just curious. I don’t know why he said creepy little poem. I just want to know. Okay, I next one. I decided I really wanted to have a mommy Horcrux on here. I just feel like one mommy Horcrux. So I decided I will turn Oscar’s stroller into a Horcrux because I use it every day. It’s probably when people are like, what’s the best baby gear thing you ever bought? I’m like, Well, probably the stroller because we use it constantly. And I love it. And it’s kind of grown with him. So and I just thought it would I don’t know something about it makes me laugh to think like a mommy horror crack. So I’m like, Yeah, turn my baby stroller. And it’s not even a creepy, like a wooden stroller or anything. It’s just like a baby stroller.

Elsie: There you go. Nice. Okay, I think for my next one, I am going to choose a tree. Because I want something that can have, like changed throughout the year. My favorite tree, I think is the ginkgo tree because it has the bright yellow. But then I also kind of would want to be a tree that had a big trunk like a birch tree that could be carved because that looks cool. To me. It’s like a tattooed tree. Yeah, that is so. So yeah, something that turns bright colors, but also looks cool with a lot of carvings. Because if I was a tree, I would want to be carved like crazy.

Emma: Yeah, yeah. Get over here with your lover and carbo Hart and your initials in it, for sure, please. My next one is we have our childhood rocking horse. It’s in well, it was an Oscar’s room. It’ll be an Oscar’s room again, once we’re done moving, but it’s just like a wooden rocking horse. It kind of looks maybe a little spooky. It’s a little bit ratty just because we used it. You know, it’s from our childhood. But it’s cute and like I have memories of it. And Oscar is finally getting big enough. I think he’ll want to play with it more once we get it back out. And I just think it would make kind of a fun little Horcrux because it’s kind of spooky kind of family heirloom and also like a children’s toy. So that’s kind of creepy, right?

Elsie: A little bit. Yeah, I could see the eyes blinking one time. And then yeah, like not sure. If you like Yeah, I like that. Okay, for my next one. I chose a vintage lamp because vintage and a lamp because Stranger Things I thought like something with the signals of the lights going on. Like is that’s very fun. Like a Morse code.

Emma: Yeah, like you could tell your soul could tell people something. I don’t know what but yeah, message from great beyond. Yes. Okay, here’s my last one. So I was thinking I should have some kind of Horcrux for my wedding day. Because that’s like a big day in your life. Right.

Elsie: So sentimental.

Emma: I know, I know. I was I don’t have as many creepy objects in my life as you I guess. I don’t know. Anyway, not close. There’s this pearl bracelet is actually a pro bracelet and necklace set that my mom gave me for my wedding day to wear. I wore it. And I just feel like the bracelet would make a great Horcrux because it’s kind of a smaller object. And again, kinda like the clock lip. I could feel like if I put my soul in there, maybe someone else is gonna wear it and it could like go around the world or it could end up in a cool antique shop or something. I don’t know you could end up with a good view that yeah, so and I just feel like a pearl is like an interesting encapsulation already have, you know, sand and whatever else. So I don’t know. That seems like a good one.

Elsie: That’s a good one. Okay, for my last one. I can’t believe that I am the only one who put this because it’s so cliche, but of course, I want to be a haunted doll and we have to have a haunted doll right? Okay, but what doll I mean I think it needs to be something in the category. have you know like the blind doll with the big eyes from seven? doll or something that you know, just whatever and everyday kids doll? I don’t really like the Chucky movies, per se. But I think that haunted dolls are a classic there is. Yeah.

Emma: Lots of movies. So yeah, I

Elsie: Definitely love a haunted doll. Like in RL Stein world. You know, there’s like the puppet, the Slappy puppet. And he’s like, he’s kind of like the star of the RL Stein universe. So yeah, he is. And then I don’t know if you’ve watched the TV show what we do in the shadows. But they made a full-time character who’s a doll, voiced by one of the other actors? And she’s a 10 out of 10. Oh, I

Emma: Love it. I haven’t seen that. I love it too much. Oh, all right. Well, that was fun practice.

Elsie: That was fun and hilarious. I loved it. Okay, so before we go, I thought we should do the sparks joy because we haven’t done it recently. And I have such a good one to share this time. Yes, we’ll go ahead. What is it? Okay. So, this past weekend, I went to celebrate my friend Andy’s wedding day. And it was so amazing. It was so fun. And like beautiful. It was a beach wedding. And anyway, one of my jobs. She looked gorgeous, like a human like boho Barbie doll. Yeah. So anyway, one of my jobs was hanging out with her while she got her hair and makeup done. And like I helped her put on her dress, which was so special. And anyway, when she was getting her hair done, I was like watching really closely because the way her hair came out was really good. And I have naturally frizzy hair. So anyone who has naturally frizzy hair understands like any way that your hair can be smoother is interesting, right? Just to like, I’m always collecting because Also I have humidity, hair and all of that, which I don’t mind. It’s fine. It is what it is. But anyway, I learned a couple of tricks. So when she was doing like the giant heat rollers, really, really big ones, which I thought that was interesting. And I definitely want to try it. But here’s where it gets really good. So at the end, when she had done the teasing, and she had done the hairspray, and it was completely done. She took out this little thing that looked sort of like a stick of deodorant and used it to smooth down all the baby hairs at her part at the top of her head. And I immediately was like, What the is that? And the lady was like, okay, okay, it’s so it’s a Japanese product. It kind of looks Yeah, like a stick of deodorant on your side. So I’m going to link it in the show notes. It’s on Amazon. It’s $15. And then the brand is called tonto, I think. And it is just a plant-based hair smoothing product. And yeah, I thought you would be interested in it too. Because like, your baby hairs at the top at the park are so hard to like get them to stay down, and like I’ve tried hairspray and all kinds of things. And this is just kind of a different unique product. So anyway, that’s mine. I’m so excited about it. It was like definitely be buying that. Yeah,

Emma: I still got my postpartum hair. It’s grown back in quite a bit, but it sticks out all weird sometimes. I’m like, I could really use this hair deodorant stick thing. That sounds really good. Actually.

Elsie: I kind of immediately knew it was like a miracle products. Yeah, because I’ve just like always had a problem with my little hair. So I’m so happy.

Emma: I love it. Yes, mine is I talked about this in a tin thing Sunday post I wrote like quite a while ago, but I’m still loving it. So and I don’t think I’ve talked about on the podcast, but I can’t remember. Anyway, as we’ve been in between houses, I didn’t bring like all of my stuff over here. I bought this glossier kit, that’s like, I think it’s five products. So it’s like a cleanser, serum moisturizer, and then like a primer moisturizer for during the day. I’ve been using it and I actually really like all of the products but I especially really like the like nighttime moisturizer. So I’ll link the whole kit in the kit, but I kind of bought it thinking it was like a way to try out all the things and if there was anything I really liked, then I would buy the full size and I’m definitely going to buy the full size of that. I’ve liked pretty much all the products and it’s been nice to kind of have like a full little routine over here as I’ve been moving. This really worked out because I was like oh I’m definitely gonna buy that as a full size.

Elsie: Yeah, I do use quite a few glossier products. I like the skincare stuff, like their cleanser, exfoliating cleanser and then the other thing I really like is oat their perfume is so nice it’s like not the most like to me it’s like the packaging is okay, but the scent is amazing. So I’ll link that in the show notes also, okay, I’ll

Emma: Definitely buy that thing. I’m always nervous to buy perfume I haven’t tried yet because you know, I just don’t know until it comes in. But it looked interesting to me and the way it was described. I was like, I think I would like that,

Elsie: But I should really put a sample on their site. It is a great perfume though.

Emma: Thanks so much for listening. And I have a random request for you this week. If you are looking for a way to support us this season, and you like cooking, then when you use a recipe from our blog, a beautiful mess, please leave us a five-star review. And if you don’t know, you can leave reviews. You can leave any amount of stars but I’m asking please visit us for a five-star review because these show up in Google searches. And so it’s one way that you can help our site grow. So yeah, thank you so much in advance.

Elsie: See you guys next week.

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