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Growing up, I remember my mom sending out Christmas cards. 
Sometimes they’d even be homemade!
She’d painstakingly make sure every detail was right to send to our treasured loved ones  – many of which we didn’t see often.
I’d usually help by licking envelopes, gagging at the slightly disgusting taste, all while listening to the tunes of The Rat Pack Christmas album in the background.

Christmas memories are created in the timeless tradition of sending Christmas cards. Over the years, you can literally see you family grow and change via the annual Christmas card. It’s a wonderful way to preserve the memories of that year and stay in contact with friends and family across the globe. 
My go-to place for our family’s Christmas cards is Shutterfly.

Shutterfly is a one stop shop for all things photo and customized. 
Not only do they have wonderful gift ideas, they have a wide selection of affordable Christmas and holiday cards.
There are SO many different styles to choose from
No matter if your style is bright and fun or subtle and timeless, there’s something for everyone!

I went with a little bit of classic gold foil on ours.
I love that the letters ever so slightly shine, but that the card is relatively simple. 
There are lots of finish options. Want glitter? You got it. You LOVE a little foil? Done.

One of my favorite things about Shutterfly holiday cards is that you can really customize your card and make it reflect your family’s style.
You have options for just about everything!
The shape of your card. The finish of the card (I went with a little shimmery pearl). The print of the back of your card.
You can really make it YOURS!

I selected a gold stripe on the back of our cards. I think it went perfectly with the “MERRY” on the front. 

You can also select more details – like the envelope.
You can choose to have the envelope printed with a design or colored too!
I went with a classic white and my daughter was head envelope stuffer

Shutterfly allows you to choose to have them print addresses on the envelopes.
This is a great option if you want to save time!

We choose to go with an address stamp.
There are so many address stamp options available at Shutterfly.
Cursive. Black letters. Monograms and MORE.

I went with a classic modern twist, and love the look.
I like that I can use it year round.
Though I have to say, I really love this one for Christmas too!

I have to tell you, these are the BEST stamps. 
I’ve owned a few different ones over the years and it always seemed like the ink didn’t disperse evenly or that the stamp looked off center.
This one goes on SO smoothly and easily. The ink was dark and even.

I love the way they turned out!

Things have certainly come full circle since I was a girl helping my mom!
Now it’s my daughter helping ME!
These are precious Christmas memories being made as we spend time together creating and sending our Christmas cards out,
I love seeing each address as it goes out to so many people who have touched our lives at some point.

If you are ordering cards this year, today is the day!
I always find if I wait into November, I’m always forgetting and in a mad dash to finish.
PLUS I got you an exclusive HDS code to use when ordering your cards or ANY products on the Shutterfly site.

Use code SHOPSTYLEANDREA and save an additional 5% off your order!

Happy Creating!









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