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No matter if you’re moving soon or settling in, saving money on what your home needs most couldn’t come at a better time. Good news, Wayfair, one of the largest online retailers of home goods, is bringing back Way Day for two days only, October 26-27. Home favorites like furniture, rugs, lighting, curtains, and more will be massively marked down up to 80% off. Plus, free shipping is included, so you won’t have to worry about any surprise shipping fees or packing away your old furniture – just ship it to your new address. 

Even though Way Day doesn’t start for a few days, you can find your favorites now and preview the best deals on the official Way Day sale page. We were lucky enough to get an early look and lined up our favorite picks for before and after your move.  

Before you move

Living room furniture

Out with the old and in with the new! Don’t wait till you’ve already moved (and packed and unpacked) to shop for your new living room furniture. Plan ahead, find a favorite, and have it shipped right to your home for free. Win, win. Click here to preview deals on living room furniture.

MYMOVE pro tip

Some non-profits offer free furniture pick-up when you donate your old items.

Bedroom furniture

from 79 dollars

Moving to a bigger home? Get what you need for your new guestroom or treat yourself. No need to pack and move your old bed – have a new one shipped to your new front doorstep for free. Click here to preview deals on bedroom furniture.

Curtains & drapes

up to 65 percent off

Your move is not a show for the neighbors to watch. Have your new curtains on hand to cover your windows the day you move in. Trust us, taping bedsheets over the windows at the end of moving day is the last thing you want to do. Click here to preview deals on curtains & drapes.

MYMOVE pro tip

Hunting down tools from your moving boxes isn’t ideal (or efficient). Pack all your curtains and the necessary tools to hang them in the same box.

Vacuums & major appliances

up to 40 percent off

Having a good vacuum is a moving necessity. Moving is a long (and messy) process. You’ll want to keep a vacuum handy to keep your floors and furniture clean as you go. Click here to preview some of your favorites.

After you move


up to 70 percent off

It’s tricky to tell exactly what the nighttime lighting situation is going to be like in your new home until you’re moved in. Lamps are a quick and easy way to update any space with your style. Click here to preview some of your favorites.

Kitchen must-haves

up to 65 percent off

Get ready to host and get the most out of your new kitchen (and fill up empty counter space) by stocking up and saving on kitchen electrics, cookware, and more. Click here to preview deals on kitchen must-haves and dining room furniture.

MYMOVE pro tip

Kitchen gadgets make great holiday or housewarming gifts. Start your shopping or wish list making now.

Area rugs

up to 80 percent off

Nothing fills an empty space with color and style quite like a rug. Complete your living room’s look with a rug you love. Click here to preview deals on area rugs.

Bath faucets & more

up to 65 percent off

Not happy with your new home’s fixtures? Updating your faucets is an easy DIY fix that you’ll appreciate every day. Click here to preview deals on bath faucets & more.

MYMOVE pro tip

Home aesthetics involve color and material matching. Make sure the metal on your new faucets match the metals in the rest of the kitchen or bathroom.

Way Day preview 

Get ready for Way Day by previewing your favorites on the Way Day sale page. The preview period starts October 19th and runs until Way Day begins October 26th

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