The Link Up: The 3 True Crime Podcasts Em Loved, The Cleaning Tool Caitlin Wish She Got Sooner, And The Free App That Might Change All Of Our Minds About Running

Happy Sunday and almost Halloween:) Hope you’ve got some great costumes ready to go and some good candy coming your way. If you missed it on Instastories, Em shot THE FARMHOUSE KITCHEN this week so if the candy doesn’t do it for you, hopefully this big reveal in a couple of weeks will! November is going to be pretty sweet if you ask us. But until then, let’s get into these links.

This week’s home tour is yet another stunning project from Jake Arnold (not shown above:)). Aside from the incredibly special pieces that he and his team always seem to find (shoutout to those 1940s Swedish folding dining chairs around the breakfast nook), this home is a little different for Jake. While beige and browns are still the primary color palette, this home has a lot of other colors! There’s a purple room, a blue room, a green room, and a light terracotta room. All on the more muted side but it’s still fun to see how they work with color. Check it out here!

From Emily: I’m a true crime podcast binge-r and went through a lot this week while I was staying up late prepping/styling the kitchen. I finally finished Sweet Bobby. I gave up on it earlier because honestly, I couldn’t believe that someone would fall for a catfish for so long (8 years) but the twist was insane. So much compassion for this situation and such a well-produced podcast. I also binged Bone Valley (excellent, sad, upsetting in regards to the criminal justice system) and Looking for the Todt Family (disturbing – IYKYK). I can’t do any about missing kids, so I like the true crime that feels a little more like it would never happen to us sort of thing…Cults, major manipulations, double lives, etc. In between my mornings with Armchair and Brene, of course. Also, did anyone else see Adam Grant’s Instagram post about 3+ hours a day of video games being good for kids? I felt like it was April Fools or something…

From Caitlin: I have wanted a little green machine for SO LONG (since Jess mentioned it to me a year or two ago when I asked about everyone’s favorite cleaning tools!) and I am thrilled to say that it was worth the wait!! My boyfriend got me one for my birthday (he went deep in my post history to figure out what I really wanted :’) keeper material!) and y’all, I LOOOOVE it. It pulled an incredibly stubborn, bane-of-my-existence, Cheeto-colored cat vomit stain out of a tan runner almost immediately (TMI, but also not TMI in this case) and I’ve loved using it to freshen up other upholstery around my apartment. It’s so tiny and lightweight that storage is easy and I am genuinely blown away by its efficacy – if you have pets OR upholstered pieces (or both!), this is truly the best cleaning tool to have in your back pocket. It rules, I swear:)

From Mallory: Ever since Caitlin introduced me to Farm Rio I’ve been very obsessed and it’s the only thing I want to buy or wear. It’s a sustainable, Brazilian brand that plants a tree for every purchase + is full of AWESOME tropical patterns and bright colors. I just ordered this dress and I am IN LOVE. I can’t stop looking at photos of it…I’ll be sure to give ya a full rundown once it arrives!!!

design by albie k. buabeng | photo by ellie lillstrom | from: albie’s kitchen reveal

From Albie: Funny story — I bought this book last year to stage the kitchen reveal and ended up loving it and keeping it, convinced it was gonna be a go-to resource for my gardening girl goals. Here’s the thing though — I never opened it… not until the other day, over a year later, lol. The Cook’s Herb Garden: Grow, Harvest, Cook (local & Kindle) is truly the cutest little gardening book that is as gorgeous as it is informational. I opened it a few weekends ago as I’ve been inspired to tackle gardening again, starting with some indoor herbs. As I finally began flipping through and reading the pages — once I removed the tape we placed on the inner pages that kept it open during the reveal photoshoot lol — I was blown away by how detailed the information was… without being overwhelmed. I was super geeked to also find out that Ashley of Heirloom Potager also has, uses, and loves this book. 

From Ryann: I always say that I don’t like to exercise because I find it incredibly boring but I always try and find ways to get my body moving in the name of health. Lately, it’s been tough getting to the gym so when my friend told me about the Nike Run Club app and how it got him to actually enjoy running I was obviously intrigued. He sold me on it after telling me about the guided runs for beginners, where the head coach of the Nike Run Club, Chris Bennett, talks you through the runs and essentially teaches you how to enjoy it and build stamina. So I tried it and I REALLY did enjoy it if you can believe it. I am doing the “Get Started training plan” and I am finding it very motivational. It’s only 20 minutes and he really encourages you to run SLOW which I love because I tend to beat myself up when I exercise if I feel like I am not pushing myself enough. So if you are looking for something to get you up and moving, I really think it’s worth giving this a try. The best part is it’s free!

From Jess: I’ve recently purchased a few new things from Sephora that I really love and since their members-only Holiday Savings Event started on Friday for Rouge (11/1 for VIB, then 11/3 for Insider) this felt like very serendipitous timing. Here we go. First off is this Danessa Myricks Beauty Yummy Skin Blurring Balm Powder. It gives such a pretty perfect light to medium coverage which is my favorite. Also, this is an awesome Black-owned brand that has a ton of beautiful products so go check out her whole line! If I want a little glow, I’ll add the Charlotte Tilbury Hollywood Flawless Filter on top of the face balm. I also bought THE PRETTIEST lip gloss from Rare Beauty called Stay Vulnerable Glossy Lip Balm in Nearly Neutral. I got it because I saw my friend wearing it and loved it. It’s one of those that would look beautiful on everyone. Highly recommend!

Also From Jess: If you read my post from Friday you know my dad was in town. He may have done a couple more projects for me around the house and taking down the ugly fan in my bedroom that I never use because it’s too shakey for my liking when it’s on, was one of them. We replaced it with my beloved Akari Noguchi pendant lamp. I forgot how perfect it was, the soft beautiful glow it gives off, the incredible texture and quality you can see just by looking at it. If you’ve been considering it or need a pendant light I can’t recommend it enough. It comes in a bunch of sizes so you also have options!

Thanks for stopping by and see y’all tomorrow. xx

Opening Image Credits: Design by Corbett Tuck | Styled by Velinda HellenErik Kenneth StaalbergEmily Edith Bowser, and Julie Rose | Photo by Sara Ligorria-Tramp | From: 10 Bathrooms Design Risks – How To Break The “Rules” In A Way That Works

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