About the Greenhouse Frame, What is The Best One for You?

For you planning to start greenhouse gardening, the greenhouse frame is something that you must pay attention to. Whether you are planning to build your greenhouse or buy one, you need to know about the common greenhouse frame materials.

(family yard greenhouse)

Not the more expensive the material is, the better it is for your needs. You need to consider various aspects and decide on the type of material that best suits your needs.

Common greenhouse frame materials

Many materials can be used to make greenhouse frames. Common materials include aluminum, galvanized steel, PVC plastic, resin, wood, fiberglass, powder-coated steel, etc.

If you are planning to make a greenhouse, the greenhouse structure material is the first factor you need to consider, which relates to the weight-bearing capacity of the whole greenhouse. Once you have determined this, you can move on to consider the choice of material for the greenhouse panels.

Fiberglass Greenhouse

Fiberglass greenhouses are commonly found in home backyards, farms, and patios. The benefits of fiberglass are outstanding, including good insulation, ease of use and setup, and affordability.

Disadvantages of fiberglass greenhouse construction include the possibility of yellowing, flammability, and possible difficulty in cleaning.

When choosing a fiberglass material, gardeners should try to choose a high-grade fiberglass material to avoid as much risk as possible.

Fiberglass Greenhouse        (Fiberglass Greenhouse)

Corrugated fiberglass is considered a very durable material for greenhouse structures, ideal for high altitudes, and can withstand the challenges of strong winds and heavy snowfall. The disadvantages of corrugated fiberglass are that it is difficult to clean and can be dangerous when cutting.

Differences from glass greenhouse structures

Fiberglass greenhouses can absorb as much light as glass greenhouses and are better insulated. Fiberglass greenhouses often have a UV protective coating on the exterior that slows fiberglass rated to turn yellow.

Also, setting up a fiberglass greenhouse is easier than a glass greenhouse because fiberglass is lighter, easier to cut, and more flexible.

Wood Greenhouse Frame

Wooden greenhouse construction has long been known as traditional greenhouse framing, and the look of this type of greenhouse frame is favored by many gardeners. The advantages of wood frames are good insulation, beautiful appearance, easy setup, and durability. Because of these advantages, wood greenhouses are commonly found in home backyards, farms, and parks.

wood greenhouse            (wood greenhouse)

However, disadvantages such as easy corrosion and susceptibility to moisture have kept wood greenhouse frames in the debate. To overcome these disadvantages, gardeners usually paint the wood to prevent moisture and decay.

Some durable woods can be quality choices for wood greenhouse structures, such as acacia and mulberry orange, which have a lifespan of more than 15 years.

Durable and affordable woods include cypress, cedar, redwood, and oak, with an average lifespan of 7 to 15 years.

Aluminum greenhouse frame

Aluminum is a sturdy building material suitable for building all styles of greenhouses, with the advantage of being lightweight and less prone to rust or decay. Aluminum frames are often combined with glass, and you can find aluminum-framed glass greenhouses in many home backyards, farms, and botanical gardens, among other places.

To give the greenhouse an attractive appearance, gardeners will often paint the surface of the aluminum frame in a favorite color.

If you want to build an aluminum greenhouse, be sure to create a solid foundation at the beginning of your plans. Aluminum greenhouses are extremely durable and can last for decades if properly maintained.

aluminium greenhouse interior   (aluminium greenhouse interior)

While aluminum greenhouse frames offer many advantages, the cost of this type of greenhouse kit is much higher than other greenhouse kits.

Therefore, even though many people are aware of the benefits of aluminum greenhouses, they may turn their attention to greenhouses made of other materials due to the high cost of construction.

Galvanized steel greenhouse frame

Galvanizing refers to the process of applying a protective layer of zinc to steel to avoid rusting.

Galvanized steel is very durable and can withstand strong winds and heavy snow.

For example:

Galvanized steel can withstand snow loads of up to 360 kg per square meter.

Galvanized steel can withstand wind speeds of up to 100 kilometers per hour.       

Galvanized steel frames are usually cheaper and lighter than aluminum or wood.

Galvanized steel greenhouse frame   (Galvanized steel greenhouse frame)

For these reasons, galvanized steel greenhouse kits are one of the most popular greenhouse choices for gardeners.

Quictent 20′ x 10′ x 7′ Heavy Duty Large Greenhouse is suitable as a winter greenhouse. This greenhouse kit uses a heavy-duty galvanized steel greenhouse frame that is durable and easy to set up to protect your plants from high winds and rain and snow during the winter months. In addition, 20 extra U-shaped stakes make the entire structure more stable.

PVC greenhouse frame

PVC greenhouse frames are the least expensive option compared to other greenhouse frames. PVC greenhouse frames are not as aesthetically pleasing as wood or aluminum greenhouses but are fully functional. PVC is suitable for DIY projects or small greenhouses, but if you are looking to build a large greenhouse, PVC may not be the most ideal option.

pvc greenhouse                             (PVC greenhouse)

PVC material will degrade when exposed to UV lights. The PVC greenhouse frame is likely to collapse when exposed to severe weather such as a snowstorm.

To provide the durability of a PVC greenhouse frame, you can combine PVC frames with steel supports and other frames.

Powder-coated steel greenhouse frames

Powder coating is a safe and dry finishing process that adds a protective film to the surface of the steel frame.

Powder-coated steel has the following advantages.

Durability. The powder coating increases the ability of the steel frame to withstand damage, making the entire frame last longer.

Corrosion resistance. Powder-coated steel is less susceptible to rust and corrosion.

Low maintenance cost. Powder-coated steel is cheap and easy to obtain, less prone to breakage, less maintenance, and less costly.

Environmentally safe. The powder coating process has little impact on the environment and is not harmful to the human body.

Quictent greenhouse made of powder-coated steel frame

  • 10′ x 9′ x 8′ Backyard Greenhouse-White

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