Outdoor Wedding Guide – How To Find The Right Wedding Tent

Holding an outdoor wedding has always been the first choice of many couples. This is because the choice of outdoor weddings is visually more expansive, and the blissful occasion of taking on the light of day is particularly refreshing. Countryside, sea view, sunrise, or afterglow are all elements that can be used for outdoor weddings.

The open outdoor space also allows you to set up more party items and have more space to move around. The newlyweds and guests can dance as much as they want. At the same time, you can feel the breeze and fresh air just by standing outside. This is something you can’t do with an indoor wedding.

(Quictent wedding tent)

However, outdoor weddings do require consideration of the weather. Many people choose to have their weddings in a hotel penthouse garden, where they can have the openness of the outdoors and the convenience of being able to move indoors at any time. And if it’s an all-outdoor wedding, you know what’s needed most, yes, a wedding tent. Before you start feeling anxious about the choice of wedding tent, here are a few tips so that you can choose the most suitable one.

The location determines the type of wedding tent 

Different types of wedding tents are suitable for different grounds. For example, some tents are suitable for grass, while some can be used on concrete.

Frame tents

This is the most common type of party tent. Roof-type frame, suitable for various events. The frame is made up of multiple heavy-duty steel material tubes connected. Frame tents do not have any poles blocking the middle and have enough space to achieve a clear layout. This type of tent is suitable for a variety of ground, grass, beach, and concrete.

Frame tent of Quictent

(Frame tent of Quictent)

High peak tent

High-peak tent has a very elegant shape, similar to frame tents but with a different top structure. The High peak tent has a round or polygonal shape and the top has a high ceiling but does not require the support of a central pole as a pole tent does. It is also suitable for many types of ground.

Quictent's high peak tent

(Quictent’s high peak tent)

Pole Tents

Compared to frame tents, they have a significantly different shape. The whole tent is supported by multiple galvanized steel poles. And in the center of the tent, there will be poles to support the fabric at the top. For this reason, pole tents require additional installation space so that stakes can be secured to the ground. Also, pole tents cannot be installed on concrete like frame tents. Rather, it is best placed on grass so that it does not cause wear and tear on the steel poles, and soft grass is more suitable for reinforcing pole tents.

Quictent pole tent

(Quictent pole tent) 

Clear Tent

The frame is metal, while the top fabric is all transparent material. This clear tent can give good light and a natural view and is also a design that brings a modern sense. The metal frame is also suitable for grass.

Clear Tent

(Clear wedding tent)

The number of guests to determine the size of the wedding tent

The number of guests at the wedding, and what style you need determines what size wedding tent is needed. Here is a wedding tent size chart according to Quictent for your reference.


Square Feet

Inner Height

Standing Cocktail Style

Casual Round Table


10×20 Party Tent


8.6 Feet

30 people

20 people at 2 tables

Frame Tent

10×30 Party Tent


8.6 Feet

45 people

30 people at 3 tables

Frame Tent

20×14.5 Party Tent


11.5 Feet

40 people

30 people at 3 tables

High peak tent

13×26 Party Tent


9.8 Feet

60 people

30 people at 3 tables

Frame Tent

22×16 White Party Tent Wedding Tent


10.6 Feet

65 people

40 people at 4 tables

High peak tent

20×20 Party Tent


9.8 Feet

75 people

40 people at 4 tables

Frame Tent

20×20 Fire Resistant Party Tent


13 Feet

75 people

40 people at 4 tables

Pole tent

16×32 Party Tent


9.8 Feet

80 people

50 people at 5 tables

Frame Tent

29×21 Party Tent


11.5 Feet

86 people

60 people at 6 tables

High peak tent

20×32 Party Tent


10.5 Feet

100 people

60 people at 6 tables

Frame Tent

20×40 Party Tent


10.5 Feet

125 people

80 people at 8 tables

Frame Tent&Pole tent


Wedding tent fabric material

Wedding tent fabric material is divided into four types, PE, PE plus PA coating, PE plus PVC coating, and lastly PVC material. First of all, PE material is weather resistant and can be maintained at low temperatures, followed by good UV resistance. PE plus PA coating, sun, and weather resistant, not easy to change color, easy to clean. PE plus PVC coating has high durability, is water resistant, easy to maintain. PVC material, is durable, flame retardant, and an excellent electrical insulator.

Overall, occasions such as outdoor weddings can not do without a variety of equipment, so it is best to choose a wedding tent made of PVC or PE plus PVC coating material.

wedding tent materials

(Inside the wedding tent)

Other options that affect the choice of wedding tent

Dancing is also essential at weddings, so installing a floor as a dance floor is also a popular option. This will not only affect the choice of wedding tent but also increase the budget of the wedding. In addition to this, the DJ and live band, as well as the equipment they need. Lighting, temperature control equipment, and dining tables will all be factors to consider.

Wedding Tent Floor

(Wedding tent with floor) 

Don’t forget the permits

Any tent over 400 square feet at an event requires a permit. A tent permit usually requires you to provide a floor plan of your wedding tent, which should include exit signs and the location of fire extinguishers. If you will be placing candles or other exposed flames in the tent at your wedding, including those under the buffet dinner fondue, you may need to obtain a separate open flame permit. Some cities will also require an alcohol permit, check your local ordinance rules to obtain one.


An outdoor wedding is indeed a beautiful scenario that many people dream of. Don’t let how to pick the right wedding tent be a hindrance. You don’t necessarily need a large party tent, use your imagination. You can use a medium-sized tent for the dining area, plus a few smaller tents for the reception area or lounge area. This is also a viable option. Based on these few factors, go ahead and plan your wedding after you know enough about wedding tents. We can’t wait for you to experience all the charms of an outdoor wedding!

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