Will Cleaning My Porcelain Paving Change the Tile Colour?

If you’ve got a beautiful PrimaPorcelain patio in your garden, then it’s likely that you’ll want to keep it looking its best. While PrimaPorcelain doesn’t require the same amount of maintenance as other types of paving slabs that are prone to staining, it still benefits from an annual clean. You might be wondering – will cleaning my porcelain paving change the tile colour? and the answer is – no. If you clean your porcelain paving in the way we outline in this blog, you shouldn’t notice any discolouration.

How should you clean your porcelain tiles?

When it comes to cleaning your porcelain tiles, the process is really simple. Unlike other types of paving that need to be cleaned and sealed every 6-12 months, PrimaPorcelain only needs to be cleaned once a year and NEVER needs to be sealed. We pride ourselves on supplying porcelain paving that’s as easy to care for as possible! Here are the steps you should take to clean your porcelain paving properly:

1) Sweep or brush surface dirt and leaves away.

2) Create a mixture of warm water and gentle soap. Do not use harsh chemicals containing ammonia, bleach or acids.

3) Apply the soapy mixture and use a mop or brush to agitate it across your porcelain tiles.

4) Rinse away the soapy water using fresh, clean water.

5) Allow your porcelain paving to dry completely.

It really is that simple! You can find more detailed instructions and tips for cleaning your PrimaPorcelain paving at the end of this blog.

Why shouldn’t you use harsh chemicals?

Applying corrosive or damaging chemicals to your porcelain tiles will have a negative effect over time. PrimaPorcelain paving is designed to be non-porous – that’s why it’s so resistant to stains!

When you apply harsh chemicals to your tiles, you will damage the outer layer and make your paving more likely to absorb moisture, which could eventually lead to staining. Our customers agree that warm soapy water is all that’s needed to remove surface dirt – so why use chemicals if you don’t need to?

In addition, harsh chemicals will damage the concrete & grouting that hold your porcelain paving in place. Unless of course, you opt for our pedestal or Easy-Frame installation options! 

Pedestal Supports >         Easy-Frame >

If I apply harsh chemicals, will the tile colour change?

If you do feel tempted to use a stronger, chemical cleaner to remove a particularly stubborn mark or stain on your porcelain paver, you shouldn’t notice any colour change in the tile. That being said, we’d still recommend that you spot-treat stubborn areas rather than applying chemicals across the entire surface of the paving slab. It is likely that harsh chemical cleaners will change the colour of the grouting between the tiles, so keep this in mind.

So there you have it, if you were wondering whether cleaning your porcelain paving would change the tile colour, now you know! As always, if you have any questions about our porcelain paving, get in touch.

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