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While Rob is off bird hunting in Texas this week, let me be the first to wish you all a happy 2023 from Woodworker’s Journal! May it bring you many rewarding hours in the shop to come. I’m also going to ask the first probing question of the new year, and hopefully it will give you some pause. So here goes…

What’s one way you are hoping to expand your woodworking skills this year? Or, if you don’t have that as a goal, what’s one significant project you hope to build (or finally finish!) in 2023?

I’ll start with mine. This year, I hope to learn a new CAD software that will be easier than the one I currently use for project drawings. It might be SketchUp, or it might be something else. I’m not sure yet. But doggone it, this is the year to up my game.

Now it’s your turn, so please share! You just might inspire other Weekly readers to follow your lead. (We’ll publish your best intentions in next week’s Feedback section.)

Let’s make this the “gym membership” or “declutter the attic” resolution that actually sticks!

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Elegant Paper Towel Holder

Turned Paper Towel Holder
The American Association of Woodturners’ Bob Rosand shows how to turn an elegant (and practical!) paper towel holder.

Combination Mortiser Hold-down and Vacuum Fence

Shop-made mortiser fence
This reader created a hold-down fence for a mortising machine, doubling as a hold-down with a DIY dust collection solution.

Premium Project: Hawaiian Calabash Bowl

Ernie Conover with his finished Calabash bowl
Follow the advice of a Hawaiian woodturning expert to craft a distinctive calabash bowl.

Premium Project: Easy-to-Build Benches

Simple bench construction project
These easy-to-make benches are attractive and practical. Our author suggests you size them to fit your needs.

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