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Last Saturday, I spent the day at the grand opening of Rockler’s new store in San Antonio, Texas. Spending time with woodworkers talking about woodworking is always a good day for me. Talking about a shared interest and looking at all the different ways that people come to the craft of woodworking is fascinating. And to see those folks at a brand-new store filled with woodworking supplies and gizmos of every description…well, “kids in a candy store” is an apt description.

There were two major takeaways from last Saturday for me. First, woodworking is a strong and growing craft. And second, I could not be happier to be a part of it.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Everything About Backsaws

Ernie Conover explores one of woodworking’s most classic tools: the backsaw. He’ll explore the different types of backsaw, their usage in a workshop and how to maintain them to keep them sharp and active long into the future.

Making a Zero Clearance Throatplate

Shop-made table saw throatplate
Enhance your table saw’s cutting quality and safety with a zero-clearance throatplate.

Premium Project: Build a Four-legged Windsor Stool

Four legged ash stool
Combine both faceplate and spindle turning techniques with a little time at the drill press to create this practical heirloom.

Premium Project: Greene & Greene-Inspired Nightstand

Mahogany arts and crafts nightstand
Sleep blissfully with a classic mahogany nightstand beside your bed. Lovely lines and beautiful lumber combine to make a family heirloom.

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