How To Cut A Rabbet Joint With A Moving Fillister Hand Plane

Which Hand Tools to use to make a Rabbet Joint?

A rabbet joint can be made in many different ways, with hand tools or with power tools. But I’ve found that the easiest and fastest way to make a rabbet joint is with a moving fillister wood plane.

A moving fillister plane is a rabbet plane with an adjustable fence. A traditional rabbet plane is harder to use than a moving fillister plane, because it is more difficult to stabilize while cutting the rabbet joint. You can see here that a normal rabbet plane relies on the woodworker’s hand to stabilize the rabbet plane, because there is no fence:

Cutting A Rabbet With An Antique Wooden Rabbet Plane

You can read our guide to choosing joinery planes, like a moving fillister plane, in our hand plane buying guide. And if you really want to get into buying, refurbishing, and using joinery planes, you can buy our video class here:

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