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This week, the lights in Rob’s office are off, as he’s out in the wilds of South Dakota chasing ducks. So I’m pinch-hitting for him until next week when, I’m sure, he’ll have a hunting story or two to share — maybe even here in the Weekly.

Over the weekend, I was cutting box joints for a little project to use as a prop for an upcoming “More on the Web” video in our December issue. I was using a pin-style miter gauge jig to cut the joints, with all the ups and downs that go along with dialing those jigs in. In the end, my pins and slots fit together like a piston in a cylinder. But the jig took some finessing, like it always does. Those joints never come out perfect on the first try, do they?

So that makes me wonder what style of joinery you enjoy making the most? Or, if this better suits your mood today, which joint gives you the most headaches? Either way, I hope you’ll write in to tell us which ones and why. Because, good or bad, you won’t be alone in your opinions!

Chris Marshall, Woodworker’s Journal

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Mobile Storage Cabinet

Workshop cabinet
The Mobile Storage Cabinet is an introduction to cabinet construction and builds foundational skills that can be used for future projects.

VIDEO: SawStop CTS Portable Table Saw Overview

The SawStop Compact Table Saw (CTS) is the smallest, most portable table saw featuring SawStop’s legendary safety brake. It’s a great fit for contractors and homeowners looking for a safe, mobile table saw that can be easily transported and tucked away when not needed. Like other SawStop saws, the safety system stops the spinning blade on contact with skin and drops it below the table in less than 5 milliseconds. It’s packed with features, power, precision, safety and a surprising 24-1/2″ of rip capacity. The rack and pinion fence stays dead square, the tilt and blade height adjustments are easy to operate, and all included accessories store securely on the saw itself.

Premium Project: Outdoor Loveseat

Patio loveseat woodworking project
Beautify your patio, yard or garden with this mahogany bench for two. It’s easy to make using full-size templates from Rockler.

Premium Project: Keepsake Box

Small lidded box
“Good things come in small packages,” the saying goes. In this case, the small box itself is a good thing (and a great gift).

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