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Few shops have shown up in the pages of Fine Woodworking more than Mike Pekovich’s shop has in the past decade. There is a formula to those photos: tight joinery, perfect lighting, and a well-loved shop as the backdrop. While the well-loved shop you see in the background is legit, many times you’re not seeing the whole story. In fact, when we set out to make this update video, I was worried that Mike would clean his shop and you wouldn’t get the real deal.

I’m confident in saying that besides Mike, few of us have spent more time in his shop than I have. I’ve tripped over every stack of cutoffs and pushed anything that will move out of the way to make room for one of my tripods. While some might think of Mike’s shop as a perfect woodworking photography studio, it’s actually the shop of a prolific builder and suffers from the same issues all our shops do—not enough space and too much stuff.

In this video you’ll see the raw truth—Mike has more table saw sleds and random jigs than you thought possible. Mike’s shop is a beautiful shop, but it is a real, working shop and it’s become thoroughly lived in since our last tour of his shop, 12 years ago.

-Ben Strano

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