Online extras from FWW issue #300 – FineWoodworking

Online extras from FWW issue #300

Michael Pekovich in Shop

Video: Ten years on (Coming Soon)

Few shops have been in the pages of Fine Woodworking more than editor and creative director Michael Pekovich’s. We check in and see how it has fared over the decade since the last time he did a shop tour.

Building a tool wall

Video: Building our new tool wall

The Fine Woodworking shop is getting a new tool wall and we’re taking you along for the ride.

Mirock Wheel Ruler

Video: Tool show and tell

We come across a lot of interesting tools in our travels. In this series, we share some of our favorite finds that you might want to add to your shop.

Barry in workshop

Shop Tours!

We visit shops all over the country and take our members with us. From tool selection and layout to workflow and storage, there is something to be learned anytime you peek into the shop of one of our contributors.

electric slide

Video: Electric slide

Substandard cuts on a miter saw are more often the fault of the operator than the machine. In this video, Roland Johnson demonstrates proper technique when using these tools.

Build a Hanging Tool Cabinet

Video Workshop: Build a home for your hand tools

This beautiful wall-hung cabinet houses your finest hand tools in style. Michael Pekovich takes you through every step of the process, including:

  • tips on tool layout and cabinet design
  • how to cut proud dovetail joinery that’s easy on the eyes and inviting to the touch
  • custom tool-storage solutions for everything from chisels and handplanes to squares and spokeshaves

Video: Bandsaw sharpener in action!

Brian Newell came up with his own jig that will save plenty of money on blade sharpening and replacement.

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