Online Extras from FWW Issue #301 – FineWoodworking

Online extras from Issue No. 301 of Fine Woodworking magazine. February 2023

Morley mortiser

Video: Using the Morley mortiser

Philip Morley demonstrates how he uses his mortising jig to create accurate mortises with a plunge router.

Sharpening gouges

Video: Getting sharp

Sharpening gouges can be frustrating. In this video, Mary May demonstrates how she gets her tools sharp, and keeps them sharp.

octagon video series

Video Series: Enter the octagon

Michael Cullen demonstrates one of his favorite hand-tool exercises—making a perfect octagon—which tests a woodworker’s skill from material selection and careful layout to tool preparation, blade sharpening, and sawing and handplaning skills.


Video: Too many clamps?

Woodworkers love to joke about never having enough clamps, and that’s mostly true. In this video, we argue that you really need just a few clamps in key places around the shop.

wooden hinge

Video: Wooden hinge how-to

Boxmaker Doug Stowe doesn’t limit himself to store-bought hinges. Here, Stowe shows how he makes hinges from something we all love—wood!

Veneered Boxes with a Twist

Video Workshop: Veneered boxes with a twist

Follow along as furniture maker Adrian Ferrazzutti creates dazzling patterns in veneer while making a custom box that’s sure to earn its stripes. In this eight-part series, Ferrazzutti takes you through every step of the process, including how to:

  • Design and create your own geometric and mosaic veneer patterns
  • Build strong boxes quickly and efficiently using simple rabbet joints
  • Mount quadrant hinges and make your own keyholes from solid brass.

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