Router Plane Kits Are Available!

We have finally caught up on demand from an initial group who said they wanted a router plane kit, and we have a small stock available. If you want a kit rather than building from scratch you can purchase them by following this button:

Remember though, we have given you all the details you need to make this entirely off the shelf parts plus some custom parts you can make from wood and metal.

That said, we do really appreciate those of you supporting our family business by making a purchase. It helps us do what we do!

Okay, it was a bit tongue-in-cheek my declaring my hand router plane to be ‘The best hand router plane in the world bar none!’ when we launched it for people to make but now that it’s seen a full year in daily use by a full-time user (me) I can seriously say that for me (and many a dozen others to date) it has undoubtedly become so. To clear up ambiguous boasting, my reasoning was that making a tool of such quality with your own hands that was equal to or surpassed the best of the best had to put any woodworker ahead of the curve. `This hand router did it for me and now nearly three thousand woodworkers around the world have bought our kit (and many more have likely made it from scratch following our videos).

My initial version made in spruce worked just fine straight off and without any tweaks despite the wood being so soft stud framing.

I remembered that over year ago I was finalising the details of my prototype from a spruce stud. Prototypes for me are as much about making the way-to as making the item. After a dozen days of formulating my ideas and then too designing them in my head, the making was as if I had already made a dozen of them. Every step was defined and refined ahead of any tool touching the wood or the steel, the tools and pencil to paper. An hour after starting I severed the walls of an inch-wide housing dado with a gent’s saw and removed the wood in between to a flawless level 3/8″ deep across a six-inch-wide board of walnut. I was alone and I smiled. “Done it!” I said to myself. And then I made 15 more to make sure and the ones I made worked superbly.

I made this one from one of the actual kits we supply and then wrote the final how-to, and we photographed all the steps for it. It went so smoothly making it. In the end, I felt quite proud of making it.

On my ultimate daily-user version I used solid beech. I hope that you too will make your own even if you already own a commercially made version. We have some more in stock ready for shipping this week and in the coming week or two before the next batch arrives from our specialist Sheffield-based blade maker. They have done an astounding job for us to give us exactly the specifications we wanted. The instructions for making can be followed online via video and also on my blog with a step-by-step guide on making the plane from a kit. You can also retrieve downloadable PDFs with all the details you need.

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