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On Sunday, while I was driving to my daughter’s house to drop off a table that I had built, the universal woodworker’s concern started growing in my mind. What if she sees the flaws in the project? Should I point them out so that she knows that I know and so we both know, or not mention them at all? (I say this even though one of the first pieces of advice I give to new woodworkers is to keep their pieholes closed when it comes to pointing out the flaws in their work.) When someone says “Oh, that looks terrific,” just say thanks. Then bite your tongue and keep your hands in your pockets. Almost no one notices the small details that we do as builders.

And yet, there I was deep in the throes of a mental conundrum. The good news is that my grandchildren came running out and I forgot all about the table. Rachel loved it and all was well.

Rob Johnstone, Woodworker’s Journal

Three Tricks for Tricky Glue-Ups

Rob Johnstone from Woodworker’s Journal shares three tips that will help you glue up miters, shelf edges and panels.

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Broad Shoulders Make Better Planing

Using hand plane and sacrificial fence to smooth tenon shoulder
This simple reader’s trick will help you smooth out those thin shoulders around your tenons by providing a wider, more solid base for your hand plane.

Project: Roycroft-style Taboret

Roycroft-style Arts and Crafts taboret table
This stylish little table will showcase a small stash of quartersawn white oak you’ve been saving.

Premium Project: Mitered Jewelry Box

Jewelry box with drawer
Dazzling figured maple and quality brass hardware combine to form an eye-catching jewelry box that’s fun to build.

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