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Question 1:

From Jeff K.:

I believe you addressed a question like this on the podcast before, but I can’t recall the episode so I apologize for an already answered question.

I’ll be moving in the coming weeks from a rented house with a garage to an apartment which would require long term storage in a unit.

I don’t own any heavy equipment, mainly hand tools, hand power tools, an old craftsman bandsaw and a Dewalt jobs item saw.

Living in San Diego the climate isn’t that much of an issue but what should I take into consideration in preparing and storing the tools and equipment?

Two methods for mortising

Whether you drill and chop your mortises or simply use a hollow chisel mortiser, Mike Pekovich has a few tips for honing your technique.

Question 2:

From Ray:

I’m planning out a project involving case dovetails. As is common, I put the tails on the show face. It occurred to me that there were also structural questions. The dovetail joint is asymmetrical, and it must be stronger on one face. But, which one? I hazily recall (without bothering to do any research) that failures of a mortise and tenon joint always happen on the tenon side. Let’s say we were concerned about pushing on the side of the case. Which way would we orient the dovetail to best resist the push? Does through vs half-lapped matter?

Question 3:
From Zachary:

In the past you’ve mentioned on the show you have a 3d Printer and occasionally use it in your woodshed for “things”.

Recently I did my first self-designed print to make some runners for my table saw and band saw tracks. I’ve finally gotten the detentions dialed in, but was wondering if you had any tips or tricks for making or designing the runners? Still new to this, so any feedback would be appreciated.

Also, you’ve said you made yourself some zero clearance bandsaw inserts if I recall; what other projects have you made and where have you found the printer useful in your woodworking?

Question 4:

From Dane:

I’m just listening to episode 270 on shapers, and the comments on similarity to a jointer made me think… For a home shop, would it be possible to outfit a jointer with shaper cutters and a power feeder for lightweight shaper duties? Hmm…

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