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There were many random things left behind when we took over the building that houses the new Fine Woodworking shop. Two of those things were home-center-style plywood carts. I was very excited to have them. Oh, the joys of wheeling a cart outside, getting plywood off the truck, and wheeling it back in—right? While those carts are a blast in the home center (even more fun if you make car engine noises), they are designed for wide aisles and the freedom of a parking lot—not narrow hallways and 32-in.-wide doors. They are, in fact, a drag.

Honestly, after watching this video by Artisan Made, I think I’m going to build one for the shop. It’s not complicated, it won’t take a lot of time or materials, and it looks like it’ll do the job nicely. What do you think? Have you used a simple cart like this before?

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