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Oneida Dust Deputy 2.5

For more than a decade, I have used Oneida’s first-generation Dust Deputy mounted to the top of a 5-gal. plastic bucket. It did exactly what you would expect—separated the dust, leaving it in the bucket instead of in my expensive dust-extractor bag. The system worked great, but the unit was top heavy and therefore prone to tipping over. Even though I devised workarounds, I still sometimes avoided using it to spare myself the hassle.

In contrast, Oneida’s new Dust Deputy 2.5 Deluxe 10 Gal. Cyclone Separator Kit is a pleasure to use and works well. The cyclone still separates dust nicely, but the tippiness is gone thanks to the added weight from the metal barrel and the unit’s wide stance. The 10-gal. bucket holds ample dust but isn’t so large it’s unwieldy to empty. The kit’s six 1-1⁄2-in. casters let the unit roll easily over mats and cords.

The kit comes with a high-quality, 5-1⁄2-ft.-long, crush-resistant hose to run from the separator to your dust extractor, as well as a strip of foil tape to mount to the separator if you’re worried about static buildup in the separator.

One downside to the metal barrel is that there is no visual indicator that the barrel is full.

Oneida also sells the Dust Deputy 2.5 in packages with just the cyclone itself or with a 5-gal. plastic bucket. But, if you can swing it, the Dust Deputy 2.5 Deluxe 10 Gal. kit, with its heavy metal drum, is fantastic. 

—Web editor Ben Strano keeps the dust down in Southbury, Conn.

Photo: courtesy of the manufacturer

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