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We’re interviewing makers from across the country. Today we’re featuring Sammy D, a woodworker and entrepreneur owner from Connecticut. 

How did you get started woodworking?
I began about eight or nine years ago when my (now)ex-husband bought a fixer-upper and, oh man, did we learn just how much of a fixer-upper it was! We laugh about it now but I’m telling you, there wasn’t an inch of that house that was plumb, flush, or square. I was a biology teacher at the time and didn’t have the slightest clue what I was doing, BUT 1) I still have all my fingers, 2)I still have all my toes, and 3) I actually ended up being pretty good at it! We didn’t have a lot of money but really wanted nice things (‘champagne taste on a beer budget’, as they say)  so I began salvaging whatever quality scraps I could get my hands on. I’d come home with reclaimed wood or historical machinery, watch a couple YouTube videos, and try to build something beautiful.

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