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From Mark Harrell, founder of Bad Axe Tool Works:

I’ve sold Bad Axe to my employees and can now segue into my mid-60’s still involved with the company Yvonne and I founded—teaching seminars and restoring vintage saws—but now I’ll have more time for my family, writing my saw book, and completing some woodworking projects of my own.

On November 15th, I handed the reins over to Cassandra Dahlen and Sam Rupprecht, the dynamic duo I trained how to run Bad Axe, and to whom I have now sold the company—in partnership with our neighbor and co-owner, Steve, who has increasingly absorbed our manufacturing requirement over the past two years.

Still a part of the Bad Axe team, Harrell now holds the position of Chief Consultant for the brand while also focusing on servicing vintage saws in his shop next door, continuing to conduct quarterly weekend and advanced seminars under his new banner at sawsharp.com.

The employees of Bad Axe Tool Works

Lee Valley Tools makes a special announcement

Copying someone else’s design and assuming it as your own–especially for profit–is never okay. Read what Robin C. Lee, CEO of Lee Valley Tools, has to say about it here.

From Heartwood Tools:

Wood handle for the Accu-Burr™ burnisher by Jon Joffe Tool Works

Made by Jon Joffe Tool Works, this wood handle is made to fit the Accu-Burr™ Burnisher rod and bronze ferrules. You will need to assemble the rod, ferrules, and handle(s) into a complete tool. Epoxy is the recommended adhesive to glue the rod and ferrule to the wood handle. Finished with Danish oil. Available in American Pear, Beech, Cherry, Madrone, and Walnut.

From Woodpeckers:


From Blue Spruce Toolworks:

The new Deluxe Mortising Gauge by Blue Spruce Toolworks highlights classic design with modern materials. The four-knife design means you can mark single lines, as well as double for a wide variety of applications from dovetail baselines to mortise-and-tenon joinery to dadoes, grooves, and inlays.

From Woodcraft:

From Harbor Freight:

Head lamp/magnifier by Harbor Freight

This visor-mounted magnifying set provides six levels of hands-free magnification with a wide angle view plus a built-in eye loupe. Two levels of LED light for clear, detailed viewing.

New tool listings from Taylor Toolworks

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